SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster 2022.1

Create Internet radio stations and broadcast live as well as recorded content

Create queue lists by dragging and dropping files from your PC, use cross-fades to move between songs and preview the output before broadcasting it. Choose which of your inputs goes on air and add sounds effects to enhance the listening experience.

SAM Broadcaster is a powerful audio studio ideal for broadcasting both live and pre-recorded content. With this program your computer can become a real audio studio. To use SAM Broadcaster you need to have at least a 54kbps internet connection, soundcard, microphone, and a valid live stream hosting account for a stream hosting server. You need to setup an encoder to supply the streaming server with a source stream. The program has different inputs, including two player decks, a voiceFX input, and auxiliary input. You can choose which input goes on air or preview the output before broadcasting. You can use the fade control to crossfade between songs. You can drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer onto the queue list or directly onto the player decks. It is recommended to load the Queue list, so your music will be ready before going on air. You can use any of the sound effects in order to enhance your broadcasting. All the media played is automatically added to the history list, so you can explore the last 200 files played.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can preview the output before broadcasting
  • It includes sound effects and a crossfade control


  • Trial version works only for 14 days
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