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Start your online radio station with SAM Broadcaster PRO, a all-in-one solution
ScamBroadcaster — 2 years ago
The software does not work properly and support is completely indifferent towards the customer. I purchased this software for $300 and when it didn't work, I was told that I needed to pay another $120 for an update because my hardware was "too advanced" for the software. I contacted support twice about this and asked them to resolve the problem but they told me they "don't support my version" and I need to pay AGAIN for an update. As a professional broadcaster, I can't recommend or use software. You have to babysit it in the background to make sure it's working properly and didn't crash and during a live show, this is really impossible when you have to focus on everything else. I would recommend this as a toy, but not for anything going out to the public if you value your reputation as a broadcaster or station. Their support (or lack thereof) is directly indicative of their intention. Make money with a sub par product and screw anyone who's dumb enough to give it to them.
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